Talent Management

Organizations need to recruit, retain, and develop the top talent in order to drive business results. The competition for talent is fierce, and this competition will only increase as the Baby Boomer generation leaves the workforce. The ability (or inability) to build high performing teams with the top talent is the critical to business success. Metrix Group works with our clients to create talent development opportunities in three categories:

  • Ready Now
  • Ready Later
  • Well Placed

Talent development opportunities specifically targeting each category work to meet both business and employee-specific needs.

Performance Management

Alignment between organizational and individual goals gives the workforce the line of sight necessary to engage and succeed. A performance management system aligns individual goals to department and organizational goals. When individual goals are aligned to business goals, organizations can establish a corporate culture that values and drives performance.

Metrix Group designs processes, systems, training, and tools to aid employee performance.


Leadership & Management Development

Organizations need strong leaders who can inspire, engage, and mobilize people at all levels. In these difficult economic times with increasing global competition, leaders are finding it necessary to rethink their business models and examine their leadership pipelines.

Metrix Group works with our clients to align leadership development to the achievement of the strategic objectives and building the leadership pipeline.

What keeps CEOs up at night?

Chief executives are increasingly worried about how to retain talent, identify high performers, and develop employees who are ready to become senior leaders. Over 60% of chief executives consider the inability to attract and retain the best talent as a threat to business success.



Effective coaching is essential to the development of a high performing workforce. Coaching ensures employees develop job specific expectations and capabilities, and are provided with the support necessary for career and performance development. Metrix Group works with our clients to develop talent and a coaching culture at all levels of an organization.

We ensure that coaches have the necessary tools and resources to develop and retain a high performing workforce.

Coaching to high performance

An organization can entrench a corporate culture of engaged and motivated employees by implementing coaching strategies and tools that align employees to the organization’s vision.


Succession Planning

Succession planning is the process of identifying and developing employees to fill leadership positions. A well-designed and well-executed succession planning strategy ensures that an organization has a strong leadership pipeline. The key to succession planning is to identify, engage, and develop high-performing employees. Metrix Group works with clients to:

  • Develop metrics and tools that identify high performers and high-potential employees, and enable them to take on leadership positions
  • Design, develop, and implement training, learning, and development programs for perspective leaders
  • Create career pathways for employees at all levels
  • Provide all employees with just-in-time, on-demand, and accessible tools and resources for career progression

Bench Strength

Leadership should transcend all levels of an organization and drive strategy. In order to ensure a “bench strength” strategy, organizations must develop managers for future leadership positions. An organization must be forward-thinking and constantly look at new methods, tools, and programs to promote leadership at all levels.