Scientific & Medical Expertise

Metrix Group offers our clients broad and in-depth expertise in a range of therapeutic areas. We provide our clients’ sales forces with the skills they need to become trusted advisors to their customers, ready with timely and relevant product and therapeutic information. Our in-house team of qualified medical project leads and writers, along with a network of subject matter experts, provides our clients with the confidence to rely on us for any of their product and therapeutic knowledge training needs.

Product and Therapeutic Knowledge

Metrix Group has partnered with pharmaceutical and biotechnology customers in creating product and therapeutic learning solutions to improve sales performance. We are known for our rigorous research methodology, medical writing, and learning design that translate complex anatomical, physiological, biochemical, and clinical content into usable, flexible, and scalable learning systems.

We know the science and we know the sales force. We design a customized learning solution that will enable our clients’ sales forces to become trusted advisors to their customers.

Therapeutic Areas

Metrix Group designs and develops learning solutions in a range of therapeutic areas to help sales professionals discuss product and disease states knowledgeably, authoritatively, and in the context of the clinical environment.

Our therapeutic areas of expertise include:


Leukemia / Lymphoma • Cervical / Breast / Colorectal / Lung / Prostate Cancers • Immunology / Monoclonal Antibodies • Radiodiagnostics • Supportive Care in Oncology (Treatment-Induced Myelosuppression / Nausea & Vomiting / Oral Mucositis / Breakthrough Cancer Pain

Lymphology / Immunology

Lymphatic vessels / Lymph nodes • The Immune System • Immunotherapy / Monoclonal Antibodies / Biologic Agents


Hematopoiesis / Erythropoiesis • DNA / RNA and Protein Synthesis • Cellular Biology • Blood Disorders / Myelodysplastic Syndromes • Immune Thrombocytopenia

Neuroscience / Neurology

Multiple Sclerosis • Depression • Migraine • Epilepsy • Alzheimer’s disease • Pain Management

Cardiovascular Health

Hypertension • Metabolic Syndrome / Insulin Resistance • Peripheral Arterial Disease / Stroke / Coronary Artery Disease / Microvascular Disease • Type II Diabetes

Reproductive Health / Urology

STDs / HSV 2 • Erectile Dysfunction • Cervical Cancer • Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia • Contraception


Glucose Metabolism / Insulin Resistance / Type II Diabetes • Hyperparathyroidism • Hypertension • Central Precocious Puberty

Infectious Disease / Virology

HIV • HSV 1 • HSV 2 • VZV • HPV • Hepatitis C • Herpes Zoster • Influenza • Fungal Infections

Respiratory Health

Asthma • COPD • Smoking Cessation • Allergic Rhinitis • Medical Devices


Malaria • Hepatitis A • Hepatitis B • Typhoid Fever • Cervical Cancer


Eczema • Dry Skin • Pruritis • Acne • Psoriasis • Psoriatic Arthritis • Varicella / Herpes Labialis

• Shingles • Fungal Infection • Sun Damage


Chronic Kidney Disease • Anemia of CKD • Type II Diabetes • Hypertension


Rheumatoid / Psoriatic Arthritis • Osteoarthritis

Oral Health

Dentin Hypersensitivity • Gingivitis Dental Hygiene • Xerostomia • Candidiasis and Denture Stomatitis • Halitosis

Aging / Osteology

Bone Health / Osteoporosis • Medical Devices


Major depressive disorder • Social anxiety disorder • Obsessive compulsive disorder • Panic disorder  • Generalized anxiety disorder • Posttraumatic stress disorder • Premenstrual syndrome • Premenstrual dysphoric disorder


Colon Cancer • Ulcerative colitis/Crohn’s disease


Sports Nutrition • Nutritional Drinks



Integrated Content Areas

Branded Generics • Clinical Practice Guidelines • Clinical Research Methodology • Managed Markets

Based Medicine and Selling

Metrix Group understands the need for our clients’ sales forces to have the clinical expertise necessary to increase access and credibility, and to drive market share.

Evidence-based medicine is an approach that informs our learning solutions and will enable our clients’ sales forces to become trusted advisors to their customers.

Evidence-based medicine is the integration of best research evidence with clinical expertise And patient values

From David Sackett, MD et al from Evidence- Based Medicine: How to Practice and Teach EBM; 2000

Clinical Study Summaries

Metrix Group offers Clinical Study summaries in our overall learning system development of product knowledge content.

Training Solutions

Metrix Group has partnered with pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients in creating training solutions to improve sales performance. We are known for designing and developing training solutions that provide sales representatives with the necessary product knowledge and training to enhance performance. Metrix Group works with our clients to design, develop, and implement curriculum maps, as well as product-focused training.

Curriculum Maps

Moving an employee in sales from a new hire to a high performer is the key challenge for any sales training department. Metrix Group creates curriculum maps to aid in the onboarding process. The focus is to drive performance through targeted learning opportunities. At critical points, specific customer readiness and mastery assessments ensure the sales force is achieving performance standards. Performance support tools such as coaching toolkits and field assignments are created to provide ongoing support to both new and tenured sales representatives.

focused training

Metrix Group’s product-focused learning systems are flexible, scalable, and provide sales professionals with a solid foundation of therapeutic and product knowledge. We work within each of our clients’ copy approval processes including, but not limited to, medical/scientific, legal, regulatory/compliance, and brand representation. Our internal processes drive a rigorous copy approval process and ensure quality without slowing development. Our design process begins with a learning map that identifies the flow and modular grouping of information for the learning system. Above is a generic learning map, which we customize for each client, based on their needs.

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