Performance Solutions

Are your employees working at their optimal level? Are your employees enthusiastic about in the work they do?

Our training, learning, and development solutions accelerate performance by identifying and building upon critical skills and capabilities to ensure that employees are “job ready” and “job happy.”

Metrix Group consults on what performance solutions best meet an organization’s needs. We also work with our clients to design, develop,and implement customized performance solutions.

Technical Job Specific Training

The workplace is constantly changing – new technologies, new products, new markets, new processes, and redefined expectations. Being “job ready” means embracing the everchanging job requirements and continously learning.

Metrix Group’s technical training experts guide our clients through a rapid task analysis, identifying the activities and behaviours required to improve or change job performance and focus on employee engagement.

We also work closely with subject matter experts to ensure content accuracy. We create both formal and informal training, learning, and development practices to maximize and optimize productivity.


Sales Force Excellence

Is your sales force working at peak performance?

Building a world-class sales organization is a challenge for all organizations – customer expectations continue to grow, competition is fierce, and the buying process continues to get more complicated. Successful sales forces need to perform at a level that is significantly better than their competition and understand their customer’s business as well as their own.



An effective onboarding process is critical for ensuring that new hires are excited and ready to contribute to the organization. A recent study discovered that organizations with best-practice onboarding processes were able to retain 90% of their new hires.


Traditional onboarding focuses on the first 90 days to transition an employee into a high performer. Our clients look to us to shorten the time it takes to develop a high performing employee with custom onboarding programs that engage employees from day one.

Performance Models

A performance model is a powerful organizational tool that supports talent recruitment management, learning and development, and performance management processes. It provides a framework to align on-the-job performance to organizational strategy and, in turn, supports achievement of business goals.

Metrix Group works with our clients to identify the capabilities required to perform at any level within the organization. Our process begins with an assessment that analyzes key performance factors including: target audience, capability, and job tasks.