Our Approach (ABC)

There is no one-size fits all solution to mobile learning. Metrix Group is here to help our clients craft mobile strategies that align with their business goals and deliver tangible results. We work diligently with respect to budget constraints, maintenance requirements, and technical training. We identify and develop an implementation guide that fits with any current deployment and device management tools and/or LMSs used by our clients. Our approach ensures that each client’s transition to mobile is smooth and cost-effective while delivering a captivating and comprehensive experience.

Metrix Group’s ABC Approach – Adapt, Buy, and/or Create:

  • Adapt: Metrix Group performs content audits of your existing learning materials, identifying any current gaps, and adapts your existing content (Print, Flash, PDFs, Web Portals, etc.) into mobile friendly formats (HTML5, eBook, iBook, Digital Magazines, etc.)
  • Buy: Metrix Group is always up to date on the latest releases by developers, so our clients can improve business using existing, ready-to-buy apps whenever possible
  • Create: Metrix Group creates new content to satisfy our clients’ training needs, and develops this content into eBooks, digital magazines, HTML5, and apps to optimize mobile learning