Digital Solutions


Digital technologies have become entrenched in our daily lives. The proliferation of digital technologies such as rapid authoring tools for eLearning, mobile apps, smartphones, and tablets may appear daunting for organizations hoping to leverage these tools to enhance performance, but the right digital technologies can have a profound impact on performance by enabling individuals to learn on-demand.

Metrix Group works with our clients to position digital technologies as the delivery vehicle for training, learning, and development solutions. We view digital media as the means to an end – a just-in-time, accessible, and dynamic platform.


A dynamic digital strategy helps focus on the future, but suggests tactics that serve the needs of today. Proliferation of digital tools, content, and technologies can be leveraged to enhance performance.

  • Employees demand just-in-time content
  • There is a shift towards more mobile and virtual work environments
  • There is a need for dynamic learning media that allow for continual employee development

Metrix Group works with clients to develop strategy maps and implementation plans to guide technology enhanced learning from initial concept to adoption within an organizational culture. Our digital performance frameworks cover outcomes, tasks, and behaviors to show how to implement a strategy within a company.



Metrix Group has been designing custom eLearning solutions for almost two decades. Our custom-built online courses have been translated into dozens of languages and launched across global markets around the world.

Over the years Metrix Group pioneered computer-based learning simulations, distributed content for learning, and game-based assessments. From the simple to the complex, we design eLearning to be innovative, effective, and engaging.



Metrix Group is at the forefront of the emerging field of mobile learning (mLearning) – a convergence of smartphone and tablet computing, networked social media, and technology-enhanced learning methods. mLearning taps into repositories of existing learning content while adapting it to the hands-on world of smartphones and tablets.

Metrix Group advises clients on the optimal approach to updating and upgrading their learning systems and content for use with mobile systems. We work with our clients from the initial idea of going mobile to fully deployed implementation of mobile-only sales forces. As part of our work, we audit existing training content and recommend which materials to convert or upgrade for deployment on mobile devices. We also offer mobile readiness assessment, change management processes, and device training.



Many organizations have moved away from the “traditional” work environment and opted for a work culture that better meets the professional and personal needs of their employees. With employees, partners, and customers geographically dispersed and on the go, the need for training, learning, and development solutions that keep employees engaged in the organization is paramount.

sLearning has the capacity to develop a sense of community for an organization, engaging and connecting employees regardless of their level within the organization or where they are geographically.