Ideas & Blog Migrating Learning Content to Tablet Computers


In 2010, Apple introduced its iPad tablet computer, setting off revolution in how computers are used. Tablet computers bring exciting new opportunities to the learning and development field. Where once employees received training in classrooms, through binders of materials or from online courses launched through online learning management systems (LMSs), tablets offer a rich multimedia experience, just-in-time information in context, and true performance support tools to drive on-the-job development. To take advantage of this new technology, existing training and product information content can be migrated to tablets and combined with custom-built mobile content and apps.

An undertaking of this nature involves six steps:

  • Identify mLearning objectives
  • Audit and sort existing content
  • Ready existing content
  • Buy and/or create additional content and tools
  • Upload to the access point(s)
  • Deploy and evaluate

Download PDF – Migrating Learning Content to Tablet Computers

By: Metrix Group