Ideas & Blog Metrix will be at the I4PL Annual Conference, November 2-4


I4PL Annual Conference

Metrix Group is proud to announce that we have three speakers at this year’s Institute for Performance and Learning (IPL) conference. IPL is a Canadian organization that provides certification programs and resources for training and development professionals. Each year IPL holds a conference and trade show (now called I4PL) and Metrix Group has once again been chosen to participate. I4PL runs from November 2 – 4, 2016 and will be held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

Our Sessions

So, what does Metrix Group have instore for I4PL? Well, you can count on Jessica Knox to knock your socks off with a lively session about learning analytics called “Not Everything That Can Be Counted Counts.” Tools such as xAPI provide the learning industry with the opportunity to track anything, anywhere. But how can you tell whether your learners are doing what counts or just counting sheep? Let Jessica be your guide to the most interesting and effective examples of learning analytics in action. You’ll even get to create a learning metric that matters to you.

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Next, Karla Badger-Brown and Ianitza Vassileva are teaming up to talk design in their session, “Harnessing the Power of UI and Visual Design for Stand-Out Learning.” We all know good design when we see it. But explaining how to make a good design even better is another matter entirely. Karla and Ianitza will give you the tips you need to think and talk like a designer. Then you’ll create your own user interface to see if you can turn wasted space into white space. Be sure to BYOL (bring your own laptop).

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The Details

Not Everything that can be Counted Counts!

Who: Jessica Knox, Chief Operating Officer at Metrix Group

When: Nov. 3rd, 2016


Where: Metro Toronto Convention Centre, B5

You should attend if you:

  • Think Big Data is a big deal
  • Are suffering from data overload
  • Are looking for meaning in all the measurement

Harnessing the Power of UI and Visual Design for Stand-Out Learning

Who: Karla Badger-Brown, Director of Blended Learning Solutions at Metrix Group & Ianitza Vassileva, Instructional Designer at Metrix Group

When: November 4th, 2016


Where: Metro Toronto Convention Centre, E1

You should attend if you:

  • Want to talk about design like a pro
  • Want to make eLearning that looks as slick as an iPhone app
  • Want to simply communicate your visual design feedback to eLearning designers

See you at I4PL!

By: Nolan Matthews
Consultant, Blended Learning Solutions
B.Arts Sc. (Honours)